*if your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enoughlauren. 18. canadian.


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"Sometimes you meet someone and even though you
never liked brown eyes before, their eyes are your new favourite colour."

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This is probably my favorite picture I’ve taken of Cinderella’s castle! :) It looks so beautiful to me and the light shining through is perfect!
"Sometimes I wish I was 29 with my life figured out & sometimes I wish I was 5 with my whole life ahead of me and not a care in the world"
Reyna Biddy (via alexaism)

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"In the end I want it to be you."

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I wonder how many stranger’s stories we make it into? You know, maybe someone saw you in passing and told their friends about how pretty the girl in the lavender sweater was. Or maybe they overheard you say a joke and repeated it to their friend, confessing that they heard it from some guy at the store. 

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